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This is the Method Statement used by Reach Scaffolding Ltd, it can be adapted for every different contract.

  1. OBJECTIVE - To provide a safe place to work and environment for scaffolders to erect and dismantle scaffolds for the use of other trades in pursuance of their work.
  2. TRANSPORT – Transport carrying labour and materials to arrive on site and receive instructions on areas to be worked.
  3. UNLOADING / LOADING – Materials to be unloaded and loaded by hand and carried to the place of initial erection.
  4. MAIN CONTRACTOR / Home owner to supply a suitable base around the perimeter of the.
  5. SCAFFOLDERS – All scaffolders involved in the erection and dismantling of scaffold will hold a certificate issued by the CSCS and grade either basic or advanced under the Construction industry scaffolders record scheme and can be produced at any time. Scaffolding to be erected/dismantled to SG4 – TG20 : 13 Guidelines. Scaffolders will be equipped with safety helmet, safety boots, level, scaffold spanners and safet harnesses.
  6. MATERIALS – Steel tube 48.3mm diameter, with a thickness of 4mm manufactured to BS1139 supplied in lengths up to 6400mm.
  7. FITTINGS – All fittings to BS1139. Doubles and swivels are drop forged; sleeves, couplers and base plates are pressed steel.
  8. SCAFFOLD BOARDS – Nominal 225mm x 38mm to BS2482. Supplied in 13ft  lengths banded at both ends to prevent splitting ,maximum unsupported length of 1200mm.
  9. LADDERS – All ladders to be steel and in good condition.
  10. BASEPLATES – Nominal 150mm steel plate with a central welded locating pin.
  11. SOLE BOARDS – Timber sole boards are cut off scaffold boards and are generally 225mm long.
  12. OTHER ITEMS – Reach scaffolding Handing over certificate will be issued on completion of erection of scaffold.

This method statement is to be read in conjunction with our quotation. You can also download a copy of our Risk Assessment.

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